Using expired domains for SEO – A secret way to success

Taking benefit of expired domains is one of the most undermined, though effective ways to enhance SEO performance. Most people have this query: Are expired domains worth the investment?

The truth is that it doesn’t have any value in itself. These domains get value when they either have a quality link profile, they are relevant to your website or they were not previously used for spam.

Nevertheless, here are some ways in which expired domains can be leveraged to generate more organic search traffic:

Private blog networks

Private blog networks
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Private Blog Networks (PBNs) are the most popular way to make the most out of expired domains. However, this is most risky method as well. If you are of the view that risk is worth taking for the reward you will get, then go ahead. However there are risks associated with each and everything. Consider, both the positive and negative scenario and then consider the SEO strategy.

White hat alternative

If you want to go with a strategy where there are lesser risks associated, then you must go for the White hat alternative. There are zero penalty risks involved in this method. However, this method requires a big investment of time.

However, time investment must not be a big concern since all other tactics require time as well. The process is pretty simple. All you have to do is find a relevant a high quality expired domain and extract the backlink profile. Find the contact information of all the quality link opportunities. If they respond, tell them the idea of replacing the dead link with a link to your profile. This method would be beneficial if you are promoting a relevant content asset.

Merger technique

This method requires the least amount of effort but the return on investment is the best one. The technique is basically about looking for an appropriate expired domains with powerful link profiles and then deviating them to your website. The reason why this tactic is preferable is due to the link quality and quantity.

Niche websites

This method is not more about link acquisition but more of a strategy. If you have ever initiated a nice website, you probably must have encountered what is known as the ‘sandbox’ effect.

This means that Google prevents new websites from functioning well in search until they form trust and authority. A new website takes a long time to get grip. One method to overcome this sandbox span is to start a niche website on an expired domain. It is not a foolproof method but can be highly effective.


Here were some ways to make the most out of expired domains. But there are some other considerations to take into account as well. Finding an expired domain is a challenging task as well. There are many online tools to do so. Make sure you go through the domain history to check whether it has a clean profile or not.

Once you go through all these processes then you are set to go for an expired domain.